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Directorate General of the Treasury

Directorate General of the Treasury : The Treasury Department is responsible for:

- Initiating any legislative or regulatory instrument within its jurisdiction;
- Contributing to the definition of policies for managing Treasury intervention in the economy and ensuring its monitoring and follow-up of State participation in the non-financial public economic sector;

- Proposing the elements contributing to the definition of the State’s external policy, to ensure the management, monitoring and evaluation;
- Participating with the competent authorities in the definition of measures of a financial nature related to the restructuring of the public economic sector and ensuring the management and monitoring;
- Preparing the defining elements of the public debt policy as well as the State’s internal and external financial obligations;

- Taking any action related to the Treasury obligations and the management of the state’s treasury resources and jobs;

- Developing actions for collecting financial resources and means of payment, necessary to cover the financial needs related to the implementation of the budget and financial commitments of the State;
- Determining the terms of remuneration of securities issued by the Treasury and funds deposited therein;

- Contributing to the development of institutions and instruments in financial markets;
- Contributing to the development and implementation of plans to modernize the banking and financial system ;
- Ensuring the monitoring and evaluation of public insurance companies;
- Implementing basic funding for public industrial, commercial R&D;
- Establishing the summarized status of Treasury Operations ( SROT ) .

It is composed of five (5) departments:
- The department of the public debt;
- The department of the State Treasury ;
- The department of Investments ;
- The department of public banks and financial markets ;
- The department of Insurance.
The Directorate General of Treasury issues fungible Treasury bonds (OAT) on three main maturities, namely seven, ten and fifteen years.
The Treasury bond (OAT) is a security of sovereign debt issued by the Algerian State through the General Directorate of the Treasury with view to financing its budget deficits.
The fungible Treasury bonds are issued by a bidding technique called the Dutch auction and are issued on the primary compartment Specialists Treasury Securities (SVT) approved by the Treasury Department.