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Algiers Stock Exchange Markets

The official listing of the transferable securities comprises an equity securities market as well as a debt securities market.

The market for equity securities consists of:

A Main market: for large enterprises: four (04) companies are currently listed on the main market, namely:

- SAIDAL Group: activating in the pharmaceutical sector ;

- EGH EL AURASSI: activating in the tourism sector ;

- ALLIANCE INSURANCE: activating in the insurance sector ;

- NCA-Rouiba: activating in the agri-food sector ;

- BIOPHARM : activating in the pharmaceutical sector.

And an SMEs Market reserved for the Small and Medium Enterprises: created in 2012 by the COSOB regulation n°12 -01 of 12 January 2012 amending and supplementing the Regulation n°97 - 03 of 18 November 1997 concerning the general regulations of the stock exchange market (Published in the official Journal n°41 of 15 July 2012).

This market can offer an alternative to a start-up SME to access capital. It is indeed an excellent growth opportunity for SMEs, while providing investors with a well-regulated market for their investments.

 AOM Invest iscurrently listed on this market.

1- The market of debt securities consists of a:

Market of debt securities issued by corporations, government agencies.

Market for block OAT reserved for fungible trasury bonds issued by the Algerian Treasury. It was created in 2008 and currently has more than 25 listed lines covering about 400 billion Dinars.

The Fungible Treasury Bonds with maturities of 7, 10 and 15 years are traded through the brokers in stock exchange transactions and insurance companies having the status of Specialists in Treasury Securities up to five sessions per week.

Official listing of stock exchange market can be represented as follows: